Hello. My name is Geoff Green. I was born in Bromborough, Cheshire, England in May 1945 and went to school in the delightful and picturesque village of Port Sunlight. Academically didn’t do all that brilliantly at school, but managed to get a pretty good job in an Insurance company in Liverpool, when I left school. Found this a bit tedious though, and moved to another office job working for the famous Cunard Steamship Co., which I really enjoyed. It was here that I came into contact with some Christians and at the age of 19, after a search lasting a couple of years, became a Christian, and started attending an Assembly of God church in Birkenhead, near Liverpool. Sadly after 2 years was made redundant at Cunard, and then moved to another shipping company the Blue Funnel Line, where I worked for 4 years. Moved then to an oil company in Ellesmere Port, working in an oil refinery, where I was for 12 years, when it too closed down in 1982. During this time met Dorothy, my wife, and we married in December 1976 in Wigan.

Dorothy and myself on our 25th wedding anniversary (2001)

The timing of the closure of my workplace was quite significant, because the church we had recently moved to i.e. Wirral Christian Centre had bought a former hospital and I was asked to be the full time administrator. This was a great Christian work and after 2 years it was opened by Princess Alexandra, a cousin of the Queen. It steadily grew and after another former hospital was acquired the number of staff employed reached at one time over 200 persons. Things unfortunately started going wrong later on , and I finished there in 1996. My time there, however, was great learning experience and I am thankful for all the things I learnt during the13 years I was there. Following on from that I worked for a firm of property developers, until I retired in 2010.

I live in Birkenhead in Wirral, Merseyside and have lived in my present house since 1981 (side).


My interests are music, reading, travelling in the countryside and working on my computer. Play the piano a little, but my main instrument was the French Horn. When I was 17 successfully took an external performer's degree at London College of Music (A.L.C.M.). Used to play the horn in the Cheshire Youth Orchestra, and other local orchestras, and also played in an Army Military Band for a number of years (Territorial Army).

Although I'm neither a speaker or leader I did feel drawn to start writing on Christian topics a few years ago and have been doing so, on and off ever since. Following on from that I made contact with a group of Christians in Nigeria who started to distribute these in different parts of that country. I subsequently sent a large laser printer out there and they were then able to print the booklets out there. I am still in regular touch with one of them Godspower Ugboh and his wife Mary and we formed an organisation called All African Outreach Ministry. In 2005 my interests became focused on what God has done in Merseyside and Chester and I have now written a number of booklets on past revivals and on some of the people God has raised up in our region.

In recent years Dorothy and I became focused more and more on prayer for another revival to visit our land until sadly Dorothy became ill in 2011 and passed away in December of that year.. I have done a tribute to her in another part of this website.

Below are some of my photographs from the past:-

My mother kept those curls and I've still got them somewhere

With Father Christmas

about 1950

In the Youth Orchestra. I'm the middle horn player (looking very serious)

In the Army Band at camp

The happy day

As Administrator at W.C.C.