(An Elim Pentecostal Church)

I have included a page for this church because we spent many years of our life here and I worked full-time there for 13 years. In 1973 a crusade was taken in Birkenhead Town Hall and following on from that a small church was established with 7 persons attending the first Sunday service and 14 persons at the evening service. The minister was Paul Epton with his wife Evelyn, and they have 3 children. Paul is an evangelist and has taken many successful crusades around the world, and has seen thousands of people come to faith in Christ. In 1983 we took over the former Birkenhead Children's’ Hospital and I became the full-time administrator there. As well as a church seating 500, it also had a residential home for elderly people, a children’s nursery, a youth centre, and a luncheon club. It was a great honour to have the Centre officially opened by Princess Alexandra in 1985. Dorothy and myself attended this church since 1981 until 2005, although I attended and Assembly of God church in Chester for 3 years during that time. Wirral Christian Centre has now moved out of the old hospital and is now occupying the former Oxton Congregational Church on the other side of the road. Wirral Christian Centre is on the web i.e. www.wirralchristiancentre.com

In November 2011 I wrote an account of the burden that the Lord gave me for a Christian Home for the elderly people in the late 1970's and how this was fulfilled shortly after the time when Dorothy and I started attending the Wirral Christian Centre Church in 1981. Click on the following for the story.