Richard & Rachel Parkhouse &

                                                 The Welsh Revival of 1904



                                                                                                           Richard & Rachel Parkhouse

As mentioned in my section on Family & Friends, Dorothy and I came into contact with Richard & Rachel in 2007, having heard that they had given a talk on The 1904 Welsh Revival at The City Church in Kensington, Liverpool a few weeks earlier.

Some years ago Dorothy came across a booklet entitled "The Quarry Revival" by Peter and Dorothy Bennett and was much blessed by it. This couple had gone to live in Llanfairfechan and subsequently wrote this booklet about the extraordinary revival that took place amongst the quarrymen during the great Welsh Revival of 1904. They gathered together a collection of essays and reports by the quarrymen which had hitherto not been published in English before and had not been published together as a group until this booklet was published. In fact there was only one report given before about this specific revival in English and that was in a newspaper article in 1904. 

On a number of occasions my wife Dorothy mentioned to me that she would like to make contact with the Bennetts as their address was shown at the back of the booklet, but never got around to it. Earlier this year she mentioned it again but then shortly afterwards we heard that a couple had been speaking about this revival at the City Church in Liverpool and had distributed a booklet on The Quarry Revival. We assumed that it must have been the Bennetts and Dorothy subsequently obtained the telephone number for the address shown and then spoke to Dorothy Bennett. It transpired that Peter Bennett had died two years previously and that the speakers at the City Church had in fact been Richard and Rachel Parkhouse.

Richard and Rachel live very close to Dorothy Bennett and when Richard had retired as a Consultant Orthodontist at Glan Clwyd Hospital in Rhyl, North Wales both he and Rachel made contact with her and took an interest in The Quarry Revival helping to bring about a reprint of the booklet which by then was out of print. Richard and Rachel now travel to various places talking about both the general revival of 1904 and also specifically the Quarry Revival in Llanfairfechan, doing an excellent PowerPoint presentation of them both. Since our contact with them we have heard them give a presentation of The Welsh Revival at The Longcroft in the Wirral, and also one of The Quarry Revival in Llanfairfechan itself. We have only just come onto their circulation list giving information of their activities and the last e-mail we received from them gave an account of their visit to Cuddington near Aylesbury, so they seem to be travelling near and far. In January 2008 they visited the birthplace of The Welsh Revival in Loughor, South Wales and their host was a lovely gentleman by the name of Dyfrig Griffiths of Moriah Chapel who we have put them in touch with. We went there ourselves in 2005 and spent 2 hours with this dear brother and also stayed in the house where Evan Roberts lived.

Richard and Rachel are hoping that their presentations will help to inspire people to expect great things from God once again for our land. They are encouraging people to believe God for the impossible, frankly and without fear. They realise only too well that it will mean real prayer with real faith and speaking the truth without restraint. In all this we are certainly praying along with them because we don't believe there is any other way.