Mathew Backholer

                     Revival historian, broadcaster and author


      Mathew Backholer

I was introduced to the ministry of Mathew Backholer in April 2009 by a friend in Wales, and have been much blessed by what I have read so far from his large repertoire of books, DVD's and websites on the subject of revival. His DVD entitled "Great Christian Revivals" covering the 1904 Welsh Revival, the Hebrides Revival and the Methodist Revival is inspirational, and a number of people have been wanting to borrow it from us. His book entitled "Revival Fires and Awakenings" covering thirty moves of the Holy Spirit is also excellent reading, as also is his book entitled "Understanding Revival"


Mathew has travelled to over thirty countries carrying out research, undertaking missions, and presenting Christian TV and documentary projects. He works with ByFaith Media researching and developing new Christian books, writing for the ByFaith website and preparing for new TV projects. He has a younger brother, Paul, the founder of ByFaith Media, with whom he has travelled on a number of missions.


He has obtained a copy of my revival booklets, and has given me a lot of valuable guidance which I have very much appreciated, as well as pointing out a number of mistakes which have eluded both myself and Dorothy despite going through them dozens of times.


I have given below a list of his books (including one by Paul), DVD's and his websites:-



Revival Fires and Awakenings

150 Years of Revival - Day of Heaven on Earth

Revival and the Great Commission

Understanding Revival and Addressing the Issues it Provokes

Mission Preparation Training

How Christianity Made the Modern World - by Paul Backholer (to be published within the next few months)



Great Christian Revivals

World Mission

In Search of the Exodus

Christian Reality TV on four DVD's (12 episodes)