Jenny Brereton’s article first came to my notice in a local newspaper 3 years ago in the ‘Birthday Memories’ section. It made an impression on me at the time so I cut it out with the view to doing something with it one day. The following year it appeared again, to commemorate what would have been her 23rd birthday. It set me thinking about the subject of ‘redeeming the time’ and some time afterwards whilst on my way to a Post Office in Birkenhead, UK, I parked my car outside Christ Church in Oxton. On my return to the car I noticed for the first time around the clockface the words ‘redeeming the time’ and it then occurred to me that God was speaking to me about this. Although I’d walked past that church many times before and had even been to one of the services there, I had never noticed those words before. This time, however, the words jumped out at me, and as time went on I had the conviction that God wanted me to write something about this. The problem was that I didn’t really know what to write, and in any case I didn’t feel particularly well qualified to write about something that wasn’t one of my strong points When the article appeared again in 2005 it again challenged me and from then on I made a serious attempt to make this an important issue in my life. Although I’m still aware of personal shortcomings in the area of ‘redeeming the time’ I do believe that this is a problem for many Christians in the church today, so it is my hope that what I’ve written may be of help to those who have a particular difficulty in this area. As I’ve also written in the concluding paragraph the time is very short and I do believe, therefore, that it is important for all of God’s people to make this an important issue for their lives in these last days.