John Bunyan has been an inspiration to both Dorothy and myself during the years. I love his book "Pilgrims Progress" and Dorothy has been greatly helped by "Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners." In 1999 we took a trip to Bedford, the birthplace of Bunyan and visited various places of interest, including his birthplace and the fascinating Bunyan Museum. We also saw some of the places that inspired certain parts of ‘Pilgrim’s Progress’ such as "Hill Difficulty" and "House Beautiful" (see photograph below). It is great going to places like these, because it somehow seems to bring alive the places you read about in his book. There are a couple of web-sites worth visiting i.e.


1) John Bunyan Museum -

2) The International John Bunyan Society -


His most famous works are as follows:-

                                                                    The Holy City
                                                                    Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners
                                                                     The Pilgrim's Progress
                                                                    The Life and Death of Mr Badman
                                                                    The Holy War
                                                                    The Heavenly Footman



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                                                                                 Bunyan Meeting Free Church        


                                                                   houghton20house.jpg (4065 bytes)            

                                   Houghton House an ancient monument is the House Beautiful that Christian calls at in "Pilgrims Progress"


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                                                                 Elstow cottages restored the way they looked in Bunyan's time                                                        


                                                                                       bunyan4.jpg (7869 bytes)

                                                                                    Bunyan's statue in Bedford