Bill with his wife Dot

I first came in touch with Bill Rodway in 2005. Dorothy had been attending a Prayer for Revival  meeting in Wavertree in Liverpool some months prior to that, and later on I decided to join her at this meeting. This was shortly after I had completed my booklet entitled, 'Liverpool Gripped By Revival' and my interest in praying for revival in our land had increased considerably. Dorothy had told me that he had a teaching ministry and that he had written some Christian literature, but I hadn't appreciated what a gifted Bible teacher he was until I heard him speaking at these meetings. I have to say that since that time I do not know of anybody that I enjoy listening to more or indeed who I feel closer to in my Christian beliefs that him. I do feel that he isn't anywhere near as valued as a Bible teacher as he should be in Liverpool, but that is probably because many in the church today do not want to hear some of the things that he teaches, which as far as I am concerned is completely biblical. Maybe this is an indication to some extent of how far removed many churches are today from the biblical pattern.


Bill has led the Prayer for Revival meeting in Wavertree for the last 21 years, and it is a meeting that I now very rarely miss as I believe it is a very important one for the church today. The first session is from about 8.15am to 9.45am and the second session from about 10.15am to midday. Another session is sometimes held in the afternoon but that is usually led by Nick Cowan.


On Sunday nights Bill takes an after-church meeting in his home in Norris Green, Liverpool, and it is well worth attending, with some excellent Bible teaching. We usually attend there once a month, partly because it is some distance from where we live. However the teaching session is recorded and Bill will post a CD of this to anybody that is interested at no cost.


Bill has written a number of booklets which he prints himself and doesn't charge for. The following is a list of these booklets or at least I think it is most of them:



Wisdom is the principle thing

Be still and know

Knowing Jesus

Practical Christianity

The temple which I build

Christianity, the choice - fact or fiction?

Arise, call on your God

The way that I take

A prisoner of love

Lord of the breakthrough

Written that you may know

Go and make disciples

Be strong and of good courage

Wheels within wheels

Wake up at the back

A better mousetrap

Not to the swift

A ministry of reconciliation

Holy health

The temple which I build

By His stripes

Written that you may know

In Spirit and in Truth

The upward way

More about Jesus

In the twinkling of any eye

Stairway to heaven

The power and practice of corporate prayer